“‘Blue Lights’ is an instant Christmas classic.” —Louie Free, WGFT AM, Ohio

“Mary Lyn has the voice of the very angels.” —Guillermo Henry, Radio EtiopĂ­a, Mexico City

“Her music reminds me of a wide beach, of America.” —George Shtefan, a musician in Yugoslavia

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Radio Interview

On December 23 I was interviewed on “The Louis Free Show,” a radio show out of Ohio, about my new song, “Things I Lost,” as well as my CD, Blue Lights, especially the two Christmas-related songs. If you get a chance, check it out; it will be archived at the link below for another week or so. The segment is in Part 1, a bit before the middle (once it’s downloaded, you can move the button); it starts with a mashup of “Things I Lost” and “Blue Lights.” I think I should mention that Louie is himself Jewish, since he starts ragging my husband, Bob Rosen, about not being into Christmas. Hope everyone had a good holiday, and happy new year!

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