“‘Blue Lights’ is an instant Christmas classic.” —Louie Free, WGFT AM, Ohio

“Mary Lyn has the voice of the very angels.” —Guillermo Henry, Radio EtiopĂ­a, Mexico City

“Her music reminds me of a wide beach, of America.” —George Shtefan, a musician in Yugoslavia

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Nellie McKay Interview

Last night I met singer Nellie McKay at a listening party at Jazz at Lincoln Center for her new CD, a Doris Day tribute called Normal As Blueberry Pie. Besides being talented, Nellie is lovely. I hope you’ll check out my vanityfair.com interview with her.

And if you’re interested in books (e.g., The Rock & Roll Book of the Dead), movies (e.g., A Serious Man), and/or TV shows (Entourage, Californication), you may want to read my reviews and Bob Rosen’s on the Looseleaf Report.