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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Things I Lost

Please check out my new song, "Things I Lost," on my myspace page. It was produced by my talented nephew Sean. I'll soon be singing it on the cable-TV show "The Looseleaf Report," which will eventually be streamed on the Internet. I'll be sure to let you know when that happens! You can also hear a sample above, on Snocap, and buy the track as well.

Here's some background on the song: It was inspired by the loss of my black leather jacket, seen in the picture above--that's at a bar in Santiago, Chile, called La Piojera, "the Lice House," where I'm having a Terramoto ("Earthquake," made with cheap wine and pineapple ice cream) with my husband, Robert Rosen, author of the book Nowhere Man and the original owner of the jacket. On the return from Chile, I left the jacket on a chair at one of the gates in the Mexico City airport; this led to a Kafka-esque hour-long try (at around 5 a.m.) to get back to the area to retrieve it. I finally gave up (I don't speak Spanish), but it's OK because I got a song out of it!

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